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(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.148

Soulful In The Soul # 148 (JUlIO 2020)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Julio 2020

Download Here:
SITS No.148

Track List:
01_Ron Trent - The Clan Speaks [Future Vision Records] [2011]
02_Stan Zeff - Umala (Original Retouch) [Tambor Music] [2020]
03_Vick Lavender - Astral Plane [Sophisticado Recordings] [2020]
04_Moon Rocket, Paula - Reciprocity (Main Mix) [Foliage Records] [2020]
05_Da Lata - Oba Lata (Manoo Remix) [Foliage Records] [2020]
06_Fuminori Kagajo, Jaidene Veda, Eric Kupper - The Blue (Eric Kupper Dub Mix) [Nu Notes Music] [2020]
07_Roque, Nontu X, MR KG Soul - Visions Of Love (MR KG Soul Mix) [DeepHouse Police] [2020]
08_Beat Rivals feat Tasha LaRae - Closer [Rival Beat Records] [2020]
09_Da Lata, Syren Rivers - Memory Man (Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Vocal Mix) [Foliage Records] [2020]
10_Jon Mavek, Morris Revy - Baba Mi Orun (Caveman Mix) [Mavek Recordings] [2020]
11_Nicolo Simonelli, OniWax - Mama Yeye (Emanuele Esposito Remix) [Obenmusik] [2020]
12_Dung Beetle Music, Khuli, KOJ - Bayanibiza (zOGRi Afro Deep Spiritual Remix) [Deep Spirit Recordings] [2020]
13_Kenny Dope, Axxis, Jay Potter, Dancing Divaz Feat.Rowetta - All I'm Askin' (Jay Potter & Dancing Divaz Remix) [Dopewax] [2020]
14_Axxis - Dancin' (Original Demand Mix By Todd Terry) [One Records] [1992]
15_Steve Crawford - Future Jazz (DJ Energy Is King Remix) [Quantize Recordings] [2020]
16_Pushim - Like A Sunshine, My Memory (EOL Mix) [Neosite] [2004]


Musi K 90'S - Synth-Pop / Classic's

Synth-Pop 90'S / House / Classic's

Ciudad de México

House Music Classic's

Dj Mixes México

Concept Records México

120 MIN

JULIO 2020


Download Here:



1-I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (Maw Remix)-Nuyorican Soul Feat.Q-Tip

2-She Got Soul (The Harry Mix)-Jamestown Feat.Jocelyn Brown

3-Sadeness (Extended Trance Mix)-Enigma

4-Keep On Movin' (Club Mix)-Soul II Soul

5-Straight Up (12 Remix)-Paula Abdul

6-Dont Turn Around (Groove Mix Extended)-Ace Of Base

7-Lets Go (Rmx)-Black Machine

8-Set Adrift On Memory Bliss (Pop Mix)-PM Dawn

9-You Showed Me (The Born Again Club Mix)-Salt 'N' Pepa

10-Strobelite Honey (Hot Mix)-Black Sheep

11-Have You Got The Time (Dj S Bootleg Instrumental Re-Mix)-Funkmasters

12-Into The Groove (Dj S Bootleg Remix)-Madonna

13-You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (12 Club Mix)-Figures On A Beach

14-You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (Extended Version)-Sonia

15-Love To Hate You (Paul Dakeyne Mix)-Erasure

16-Gonna Catch You (Club Mix)-Lonnie Gordon

17-Say It (The Black Box Mix)-ABC

18-Rockin' Romance (Dance Summer 1991)-Joy Salinas

19-Keep Warm (Extended Mix)-Jinny

20-I Beg Your Pardon (Club Mix)-Kon Kan

21-Living In Oblivion (The Living Mix)-Anything Box

22-Please Don't Go (Club Mix)-Double You

23-Mary Had A Little Boy (Maestro Mix)-Snap!

24-Got A Love For You (E-Smoove Underground Mix)-Jomanda

25-Remember The Time (Silky Soul 12''Mix)-Michael Jackson

26-Shake Your Head (Hurley's House Mix)-Was (Not Was)

27-Pandora's Box (Steve Anderson 12)-OMD

28-? I'm So Glad That I'm A Woman (Remode)-Love Unlimited Orchestra?

29-Finally Ready-The Shapeshifters Feat.Billy Porter

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(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.147

Soulful In The Soul # 147 (JUNIO 2020)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Juio 2020

Download Here:
SITS No.147

Track List:
01_Minas Portokalis - Te Quiero (Original Mix) [Retrolounge Records] [2020]
02_George Acosta, Clinton Cartel - Once Upon A Time In Miami (Original Mix) [Made In Miami] [2020]
03_Atjazz Feat.Sarai Jazz - The Only One (Peacey Remix) [Atjazz Releases] [2020]
04_Narf Zayd & Mario Casares - El Vuelo De Las Mariposas (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves] [2020]
05_Forbidden Grooves - Angel [Dipps Groove] [2020]
06_Rasmus Faber & Alf Tumble Feat.Beldina - Leave Me Alone (Original Mix) [Farplane] [2012]
07_Raul Rincon Feat.Clara Mendes - Dry Martini (Real Club Mix) [Farplane] [2012]
08_Loftsoul X Soul-T, Nadine Caesar, Francis Hylton - Freedom (Fuminori Kagajo Remix) [Makin Moves] [2020]
09_Bolla Afrikan Basement - Downward Staircase (Joe Claussell Extended Version) [Sacred Rhythm Music] [2016]
10_Vick Lavender Feat.P.Jehrico - The L.O.V.E. Song (From Chicago To New York) [Sophisticado Recordings] [2013]
11_Opolopo, Angela Johnson - Stay This Way (Original Mix) [Reel People Music] [2020]
12_Nosotros Feat.Raul Paz - Contigo (Tiefschwarz Club Vocal Mix) [Kontor Records] [2000]
13_Kings Of Tomorrow, Penelope Calloway - VISIONZ (Sandy Rivera's Extended Mix) [deepvisionz] [2020]
14_Sir Soundbender - Can't Turn Me Off (Steve Miggedy Maestro ReTouch) [Miggedy Entertainment] [2020]
15_Louie Vega, Elements Of Life - Thousand Fingered Man (Original Mix) [Vega Records] [2020]
16_Fuminori Kagajo, Tracy Hamlin - Into The Sunshine (Dazzle Drums Remix) [Nu Notes Music] [2020]
17_Muzungu - Wazungu (The H@K Remix) [unquantize] [2020]
18_Louie Vega, Elements Of Life, Anane - Nos Vida (Masters At Work Remix) [Vega Records] [2020]
19_Strane Dissonanze, Pietro Nicosia, Carlo Ferro, Eric Daniel - Free Your Soul (Club Mix) [Cultures Records] [2020]
20_Carmen Brown - Just Breathe (Original Mix) [D#Sharp Records] [2020]
21_Patrice Rushen - Haven’t You Heard (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) [Z Records] [2013]
22_Karyna - Quiero Tus Caricias (DJ Meme Club Mix) [Pino Music] [2006]


Our Soulful House

Bailando House
Marce Castillo
Emitido a través de
Julio 2020

Download Here:

Track List:
01 FREEFORM FIVE & CAROLYN HARDING - Strength (JKriv Extended Remix)
02 KINGS OF TOMORROW feat. PENELOPE CALLOWAY - Strong enough (Kings Of Tomorrow Classic Mix Extended)
03 JAMES MAC & VALL feat. TASITA D'MOUR - I've been waiting (Sphiwe Cas-Miz Vox Mix)
04 LILAC JEANS feat. JACKIE QUEENS - What kind of love (Mr KG Soul Remix)
05 LOFTSOUL X SOUL-T feat. NADINE CAESAR & FRANCIS HYLTON - Freedom (Loftsoul Original Mix)
06 RIGHT TO LIFE - Sweet delight (Micky More & Andy Tee Mix)
07 JOSE LOPEZ - Over freedom (Kako Soulful Remix 2020)
08 OPOLOPO feat. ANGELA JOHNSON - Stay this way (Original Mix)
09 TORTURED SOUL feat. LISA SHAW - I wish you were here (Mark Di Meo Remix)

jueves, 9 de julio de 2020

Our Soulful House

Ritmos Ocultos
Edición mensual presentada por Toni Valenzuela
Emitida a través de
Julio 2020

Download Here:

Track List:
01 CERRONE feat. JOCELYN BROWN - You are the one
02 ARETHA FRANKLIN - Jump to it (Extended Version)
03 ATLANTIS - Keep on movin' and groovin'
04 AL HUDSON & THE PARTNERS - You can do it
05 DONNA SUMMER - Bad girls (Dj “S” Extended Dance Re-Mix)
06 GERALDINE HUNT - Can't fake the feeling
07 SKYY - Here's to you (Dr Packer Multi Track Mix)
08 JAMIROQUAI - Cloud 9 (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
09 JOEY NEGRO presents AKABU feat. LINDA CLIFFORD - Ride the storm (Saison Remix)
10 WEISS - Feel my needs (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
11 JOEY NEGRO feat. DIANE CHARLEMAGNE - Prove that you're feelin me (Joey Negro Club Mix)
12 JOEY NEGRO feat. DIANE CHARLEMAGNE - Overnight sensation

13 MADISON AVENUE - Don't call me baby (Mousse T. Remix)

miércoles, 8 de julio de 2020

House Music 90's - Remember To

Remember To - Tiffany's Discoteque

Ciudad de México

[1990 - 1992]

House Music Classic's

Dj Mixes México

Concept Records México

120 MIN

JULIO 2020


Download Here:



01_Bravo Dj's - Difacil Rap (Original Mix)

02_Mr. Lee - Get Busy (Club Mix)

03_Culture Beat - I Like You (London Mix)

04_Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up And Dance (Club Mix)

05_Culture Beat - No Deeper Meaning (Club Mix)

06_Technotronic - Get Up (Extended)

07_Mr. Lee - Pump That Body (Club Mix)

08_49ers - Don't You Love Me (90's Mix)

09_SaFire - Taste The Bass (Slammin' Club Mix)

10_DJ Bif Feat.J.J. ''E'' Extasse - Mama Say (Mix Version)

11_Magic Marmalade - Everybody Get Up (Club Mix)

12_Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch Feat.Loletta Holloway - Good Vibrations

13_Black Box - Strike It Up (Original Remix)

14_Isidro Alfaro Gutierrez - Niña De Pelo Negro

15_Lil Louis - French Kiss (Original Mix)



Download Here:



16_Vinegar - Get Busy (Extended Version)

17_Rob 'n' Raz Feat.Leila K. - Got To Get (Extended Version)

18_Black Box - Ride On Time (Massive Mix)

19_Jomanda - Got A Love For You (Hurley's House Mix)

20_Snap! - Mary Had A Little Boy (12'' Mix)

21_Adventures Of Stevie V. - Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Sold Out Mix) (12' Edit)

22_Heavy D. & The Boyz - Now That We Found Love (Club Version)

23_Lonnie Gordon - Gonna Catch You (Club Mix)

24_Lisa Fisher - Save Me (Red Zone Dub)

25_Bingoboys Feat.Princessa - How To Dance (Lesson 1 Four-Count-Knee-Drop Crazy Leg Mix)

26_2 In A Room - Wiggle It (The Club Mix)

27_Black Box - Everybody Everybody

28_Technotronic - Rockin Over The Beat (Rockin Over Manchester Hacienda Mix)

29_Kym Sims - Take My Advice (LP Version)

30_Kym Sims – Too Blind To See It (Hurley's House Mix)

31_MC B Feat.Daisy Dee - Crazy (Dizzy Mix)

32_Joy Salinas - Rockin' Romance (Dance Summer 1991)

33_Selector - Move Your Body (Club Mix)

34_Emily Heyl - Kiss My Piano (Original 1990 Mix)

Soulful Session's

Soulful House Mix 01

Dj Mixes México

Concept Records México
60 Min
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Junio 2020

Download Here:



01_Incognito Feat.Maysa - All For You (Mark Di Meo Remix)

02_SIRS, Stee Downes - Forever (Yam Who Main Vocal Remix)

03_Federico d-Alessio, Tai Malone - It-s Cold (Original Mix)

04_Michele Chiavarini, Aaron K Gray - P.U.S.H (Pray Until Something Happens) (Main Mix)

05_Thommy Davis & Randy Roberts - Try Jah Love (John Morales M+M Mix)

06_Fuminori Kagajo - Cloud Of Dust (Original Version)

07_Nuyorican Soul Feat. India - Runaway (Mousse T's Jazz Funk Experience)

08_Dutchican Soul, Karmina Dai, Mr. V - Raise It Up (Club Mix)

09_Disco Incorporated - One Day (Mijangos Remix)

10_Vincent Kwok & D'Layna - What U Need Is Love (Lizards In The Lounge Mix)

11_Arduini & Pagany, Chanelle - Caught In The Middle (Eric Kupper Remix)

12_Four80East, Cece Peniston - Are You Ready (Joey Negro Brotherhood Dub)



Soulful Session's

Soulful House Mix 00

Dj Mixes México

Concept Records México
60 Min
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Junio 2020

Download Here:



01_Newman - Stephanie Cooke - Back 2 Love (Extended Radio)

02_The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra - Step Into My Life (M&M Mix by John Morales)

03_Disco Incorporated - The Time Is Right (Disco Mix)

04_Riccardo Burattini - Jazz Dance In Dubai

05_Jasper Street Co-, Louie Vega - Praying For You (Louie Vega Vonita Dub)

06_Sheree Hicks, Sean Ali, George Lesley, Sean Ali - Munk Julious - Hush (DSS Remix)

07_Enrico Santamaria - Mombasa

08_Narf Zayd - Sacromonte (Original Mix)

09_DaSoul David Es - Wave (Original Mix)

10_Toshi - Yebo (Vocal Mix)

11_Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Nichelle Monroe - Harvest For The World (Sean Ali & Munk Julious DSS Remix)

12_Gmbos Feat.Lady L - Love Me (zOGRi Mediterranean Remix)

13_Zepherin Saint - Optimistic (Tribe Vocal Mix)

14_Mondo Grosso – Star Suite (Shelter Vocal Mix)



Special Session's - Toxico Dj

Musi K HousE

Musi K House 004
Dj Mixes México
Concept Records México
60 Min
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Junio 2020

Download Here:
MKH 04

01_Michael Jackson - Rock With You (PA Rework)
02_Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You
03_Martha Wash - I Don't Know Anybody Else
04_JL - I'm Every Woman (Extended Remastered)
05_Donna Summer - This Time (Dim Zact Edit)
06_Fish Go Deep - The Cure & The Cause (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
07_Mario Biondi - This Is What You Are (Victor Santon Remix)
08_Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
09_Sean Finn Feat.DJ Wady & MoonDark - Pasilda (Original Mix)
10_DJ Chus & David Penn Feat. Concha Buika - Will I (Discover Love) (Mediterranean Club Mix)
11_Disco Incorporated - Say Mama (Morodergroover Vocal Mix)
12_Whirlpool, Funkerman - Disco To Disco (Funkerman Remix)
13_Funkerman - Dirty Cash