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(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.146

Soulful In The Soul # 146 (MAYO 2020)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Mayo 2020

Download Here:
SITS No.146

Track List:
01_HOLDTight - Summer Blue [Too Slow To Disco] [2020]
02_Drizabone - Real Love (Masters At Work R&B Mix) [4th & Broadway] [1995]
03_The Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine (Select Mix Remix)
04_Robin Stone - Show Me Love (Re-Work New York Mix) [Champion Records] [1990]
05_Lisa Fisher - Save Me (Extend Mix) [Elektra] [1991]
06_Hotmood - Samba E Sabor [Samosa Records] [2019]
07_Chaos In the CBD - Emotional Intelligence [Neroli] [2019]
08_Glenn Underground, Swaylo, Consuela Ivy - I Am Not In Love (CVO Slum Illa Mix) [Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic] [2012]
09_DJ Fudge - Mazal (Main Mix) [CityDeep Music] [2020]
10_Eric Faria & Mr.Kris Feat.Rebecca Burgin & Shalon - Mango Tree [Purple Music Inc.] [2020]
11_ColorJaxx - Image Of You (Original Mix) [Groovy Riddim Records] [2020]
12_Kings Of Tomorrow, Veselina Popova - Babylon (Sandy Rivera's Extended Mix) [deepvisionz] [2020]
13_Adja Soumano - Dja Dja (Souldynamic Re-Edit) [Souldynamic] [2015]
14_Gmbos Feat.Lady L - Love Me (zOGRi Mediterranean Remix) [Deep Spirit Recordings] [2020]
15_Audiowhores - For Real (Groove Assassin Remix) [Audiowhores] [2004]
16_Orienta-Rhythm, Dawn Tallman - Get Back To Love (Orienta-Rhythm Original Club Mix) [King Street Sounds] [2020]
17_Cafe 432 Feat.Michelle Rivera - Freak (Cafe 432 Dirty Disco Remix) [Soundstate Records] [2020]
18_Kimara Lovelace, Lil Louis - Misery (DJ Spen's MuthaFunkin Remix) [King Street Sounds] [2005]
19_Silva - One 2 One (Feliciano Stalkers Dub) [Nite Grooves] [2008]
20_Emmaculate Feat.Carla Prather - Never Fall In Love With A DJ (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Disconovo Vocal Dub) [Nervous] [2020]


House Music - Live Session

House Music - Live Session
Dj Mixes México
Concept Records México
60 Min
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Mayo 2020

Download Here:

Track List:
01_Cafe Tacuba - Maria (Martin Delgado Remix)
02_Chaka Kenn - Why Waste Your Time
03_Disco Incorporated - One Day (Mijangos Remix)
04_Arduini & Pagany, Chanelle - Caught In The Middle (Eric Kupper Remix)
05_GJ, Reelsoul, Nichelle Monroe - Harvest For The World (Sean Ali & Munk Julious DSS Remix)
06_Los Amigos Invisibles & India - Bella De Noche (FJ 'Oriyeye' Mash Up)
07_Mousse T VS Mark Di Meo - Horny (Mijangos Private House Mix)
08_Deep Swing Feat.Xavior - Shelter (Lou's SOS Dub)
09_Kristine W - Land Of The Living (Deep Dish Land Of The Lost Vocal)
10_Heller & Farley Project - Ultra Flava (David Penn Extended Remix)
11_Chus & Ceballos - Heart Of Glitter (Extended Mix)
12_Green Sugar - 2Nite [Hotfingers]
13_Luxor - Back To Love (Luca Cassani Club Remix)
14_Disco Incorporated - The Time Is Right (Disco Mix)



Musi K HousE

Musi K House 003
Dj Mixes México
Concept Records México
60 Min
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Mayo 2020

Download Here:
MKH 03

Track List:
01_Lekind - Test Micro (French Shit Vocal)
02_Ritmo Du Vela - Jazzaddict (Original Mix)
03_Sam Tyler - Turn on Tune In
04_BBwhite - The Masters Talking (Original Mix)
05_Juwan Rates - Entra Deez (Purveyor Underground)
06_Jonk & Spook - The Flow (Original Mix)
07_Jo Paciello - Jazz On Burbon Street
08_Roberto Parisi - Swing & Jazz
09_Serg Szysz - What We Get (Ritmo Du Vela Selecta Remix)
10_Mark Farina - Dream Machine (JT Donaldson Mix)
11_Alysha Kid - Mei-Bee
12_HP Vince - Funk On It (Original Mix)
13_Angelo Ferreri, Liva K, Karmina Dai, John John - Oh You! (Glen Horsborough Remix)
14_Block & Crown - Victim (Club Mix)



Musi K HousE

Musi K House 002 
Dj Mixes México
Concept Records México
60 Min
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Mayo 2020

Download Here:
MKH 02

Track List:
01_Salvatore Agrosi - Spirit (Lars Behrenroth Revival Mix)
02_Wearing Shoes - Miss My Basics (Original Mix)
03_Fond8 - Take That (Extended Mix)
04_House Music - Fearless (Original Mix)
05_Tape One - Song Two (Extended Mix)
06_Rhythm Of Elements - Tribe 3 (Tribute To Brother Aaron)
07_Low Steppa - Up All Night (Original Mix)
08_BGroove - Sunrise (Joan Ribas Bring Back the Children Laugh Mix)
09_Ziggy - Can't See U (Extended Mix)
10_Fat Nek - Not Enough (Original Mix)
11_DJ PP, Crazibiza, Jack Mood - Be Good (Original Mix)
12_Felix Da Funk - Spice of Dark (Original Mix)
13_Brokenears - Alright (Extended Mix)
14_David Caballero - Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
15_Heller & Farley Project - Ultra Flava (David Penn Extended Remix)
16_Mark Knight, Laura Davie, The Melody Men - If It's Love (Extended Mix)
17_GIORG, Santez - Closure (Extended Mix)
18_GW Harrison - Hear My Soul (Extended Mix)
19_Vincenzo D'amico, Lina Simons - Dance Floor (Original Mix)
20_Iglesias - Don't Ya (Extended Mix)



Musi K HousE

Musi K House 001 
Dj Mixes México
Concept Records México
90 Min
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Mayo 2020

Download Here:
MKH 01

Track List:
01_Jon Cutler - I'll Take You (Art Of Tones Remix)
02_Art Of Tones - Gimme Some More (Original Mix)
03_Audiowhores - The Funky JB
04_Dario D'attis - Tek Jazz (Extended Mix)
05_Soul Inscribed - Soul Shine (Rainy & Leon Remix Instrumental)
06_Shino Blackk - Invoked (Rated-Blackk Print)
07_Erykah Badu - Honey (Glenn Underground Remix)
08_Zepherin Saint - Optimistic (Tribe Vocal Mix)
09_Shwele - Soul Star (Main Mix)
10_Louie Vega Feat.Nico Vega - How He Works (Nico Funk Dub 2)
11_Sebb Junior - This Sound Rocks My Body (Extended Mix)
12_Joeski - El Soye (Joeski Latin Vocal Mix)
13_Mastercris, Kathy Diamond - Whistle Down The Wild (Art Of Tones Remix)
14_Malena - Vida Mia (Original Mix)
15_Dav Risen, Nani Experience, BeaucyNkosi - Fill Me Up (Main Mix)
16_Negrocan - Cada Vez (Grant Nelson'S Vocal Mix)
17_Jo Paciello - Jazz On Burbon Street
18_Mousse T VS Mark Di Meo - Horny (Mijangos Private House Mix)
19_Los Amigos Invisibles Feat.Natalia Lafourcade - Vivire´ para Ti (Federico D'Alessio & Mark Di Meo Remix)
20_Adam Rios, Stephanie Cooke, Koffee - Mighty Skies (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Koffee Mix)
21_Loleatta Holloway - Stand Up (Audiowhores 2020 Edit)
22_Elements Of Life - Into My Life (Louie Vega Roots Mix)



domingo, 3 de mayo de 2020

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.145

Soulful In The Soul # 145 (ABRIL 2020)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Abril 2020

Download Here:
SITS No.145

Track List:
01_Monkey Brothers, Shaun Escoffery - Losin' My Head (House N' Hd Extended Mix) [Foliage Records] [2000]
02_Montana, Stewart, Nortier & Stephanie Cooke - The World To Me You Are (Andy Edit & Davos Re-Work) [Wiggly Worm Records] [2017]
03_Mausiki Scales - Let the Drum Remind You (Kai Alcé Remix) [Mausiki Scales] [2020]
04_Kiko Navarro, DJ Fudge - Olwakhutando (Dub Mix) [Wonderwheel Recordings] [2020]
05_Vick Lavender, Brutha Basil - Universal Law (Vick Lavenders Time Traveler Main Mix) [Sophisticado] [2020]
06_Glenn Underground - Robots & Bumblebees (A Tribute To Patrick Adams) [Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic] [2012]
07_Zepherin Saint - Optimistic (Tribe Vocal Mix) [Tribe Records] [2016]
08_Catalan Fc & Sven Love Feat.Blaze - All About Love (Send A Message Remix) [Kif Recordings] [2006]
09_Joaquin Joe Claussell - With More Love (GTR Version) [Sacred Rhythm Music] [2020]
10_Fuminori Kagajo - Cloud Of Dust (Original Version) [Slip 'n' Slide] [2011]
11_Emily King - Georgia (Conway Remix) [Nicholas Craven] [2020]
12_Hallex M - Ho-Chunk (Original Mix) [United Music Records] [2020]
13_Jo Paciello - Jazz On Burbon Street [SJS RECORDS] [2020]
14_Adina Howard - Mind Reader (Opolopo Remix) [Reel People Music] [2020]


Vocal Sweet House No.16

Vocal Sweet House No.16
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Mayo 2020

Download Here:

Track List:
01_21st Century Body Rockers - Our Groove (Original Mix)
02_Thelma Houston - I'm Here Again (Joey NegroA Ready To Roll mix)
03_Paul Parsons - Join Me (Original Mix)
04_Hot Wind - Let's Go To Me (Original Mix)
05_Syke 'n' Sugarstarr - Ticket 2 Ride (Sugarstarr's 2020 Disco Extended Mix)
06_Cotterell - That Track (Nod To GN Mix)
07_Block & Crown - It's Hard To Let You Go (original mix)
08_Laura Alford - Hold On (To Your Good Thang) (Base On Space Friday Dub Mix)
09_Billy Dakid Perdomo - One Hundred % (Original Mix)
10_Stars on 54 - If You Could Read My Mind (Silks House On 54 Mix)
11_Jay Vegas - Jay Vegas (Crazibiza Remix)
12_Adri Block & Scotty Boy - Keep The Dance Floor Goin' (Original Mix)
13_Cheesecake Boys & Nayka - U Want It
14_Disk Nation - Feel Alright
15_Luxor - Back To Love (Luca Cassani Club Remix)
16_Grooveland - Tell Me (Extended Mix)


viernes, 10 de abril de 2020

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.144

Soulful In The Soul # 144 (MARZO 2020)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Marzo 2020

Download Here:
SITS No.144

Track List:
01_Platinum Doll Feat.P.Y. Anderson - Let Love Live (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix) [Sub-Urban] [2000]
02_Kyle Kim, Sheree Hicks - Sometimes (Yuichi Inoue Remix) [King Street Sounds] [2020]
03_DJ Randall Smooth, T.S.O.N. - Blessed & Grateful (AFRIK-N-SOUL RETOUCH) [ChiNolaSoul] [2020]
04_Lady Alma, Shannon Chambers - Make You Move (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix) [T's Box] [2020]
05_Loftsoul X Miruga, Keyco - Stomp Theme (Stomp The Ground Excursions Remix) [R2 Records] [2020]
06_Klevakeys Feat.Liz Jai - In My Mind (Original Mix) [House Keys Records] [2020]
07_Dana Weaver, DjPope, Mark Francis - I Wonder (Mark Francis 201 Remix) [POJI Records] [2020]
08_Mike City, Mark Francis - Their Flowers (Original Mix) [Vibe Boutique Records] [2020]
09_The Gruv Manics Project, Veronica Ameh - Stealing Hearts (Original Mix) [HSR Records] [2019]
10_Louie Vega - How He Works Feat. Nico Vega (Nico Funk Dub 2) [Nervous] [2020]
11_Roger Sanchez Feat.Armand Van Helden, N Dea Davenport - You Cant Change Me (Deeptrak Mix) [The Vault] [2001]
12_N.W.N - RA9 (Original Mix) [Pasqua Records] [2020]

House Music

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Soulful In the Soul - Radio Show .!!


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sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016

House Series III

House Series III
House Music
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Diciembre 2016

Download Here:

Track List:
01_Doug Gray - djB - Carolyn Harding - That It's You (Ritmo Du Vela, Serge Gee & Alejandro Alatorre Soul Mates Mix)
02_Ritmo Du Vela - Strictly Jazz (Original Mix)
03_Leroy Burgess - Voices (Reelsoul Instrumental)
04_Neil Warden - Aquabassino - Out On The Groove (Aquabassino Mix)
05_Todd Terry Feat.Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown - Keep On Jumpin' (Ken Lou -Jumpin Pumpin- Mix)
06_Steve Silk Hurley, Marshall Jefferson, B. Lauren - Just A Feelin (That I Get) (Mirelle Noveron Dub Mix)
07_Groove Assassin - Office Party
08_Alysha Kid - Mei Bee (Original Mix)
09_B-Liv - A House Prayer (Freddy Gonzales Mix)
10_Grant Nelson - Feel The Music
11_Groove Junkies & Rodney Scratchmaster Funk - Hot Perception (Manuel Colin Mash Up)
12_Federico D'Alessio Feat.Maiya James - Free Same Thing (Manuel Colin Mash Up)