jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

Soulful Session

Soulful Session
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Noviembre 2012
Time: 60 min
Calidad: 192Kbs
Formato: Zip + Cover + Track List
Concept Records México
Dj Mixes México

Download Here:
Soulful Session

List Session:
01_Kathy Brown - Happy People (Knee Deep's To L.B. Dub)
02_David Shaw & Carolyn Harding - When Love Calls (Deep Soul Mix)
03_Su'Su Bobien - Keep It To Myself (Classic Pump Mix)
04_Rachel Claudio, Nicolas Vautier - Miscommunicate (Dolls Combers Intergalactic Mix)
05_Mr.A.L.I - I Feel You (Bobby & Steve & James Ratcliff's Main Sax Mix)
06_Bobby & Steve Feat.Dajae - Dreams (Soulful Vocal)
07_Nastee Nev Feat.Donald Sheffey - I'm So Hung Up On You (Deep Xcape Mix)
08_Kathie Talbot - Catch Your Shine (GJ's Classic Vox)
09_Marc Evans - This Thing Called Love (Dj Meme Remix)
10_Deep Josh Feat.Kaysee - Never Stop The Music (Dj Meme Vocal Mix)
11_Sunny Hawkins - Love Me Too (Franke Estevez Fuzion Club Remix)

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.50

Soulful In The Soul # 50 (16 - Noviembre - 2012)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Noviembre 2012

Download Here:
SITS No.50

Track List:
00_Delorean Suite - Deep Love (Mystery & Matt Early Sunset Mix)
01_Delorean Suite - Deep Love (Mystery & Matt Early Remix)
02_Fish Go Deep & Tracey K - The Cure & The Cause (Dj Meme Philly Suite Mix)
03_Bobby D'Ambrosio Feat.Lasala - Runaway Love (Marquito's Classic Rework)
04_Ralf Gum & Crisp - Hacienda - Sabor (Ralf Gum & Crisp Club Mix)
05_Deep Swing Feat.Xavior - Shelter (Louis Benedetti Club Vox)
06_Grant Nelson - The Sound
07_Inaya Day & Ralf Gum - Lose My Worries (Ralf Gum Main Mix)
08_The Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble Feat.Xavior - Sugar, Baby, Darlin' (Club Vocal Mix)
09_Byron Stingily - Flying High (Vocal Mix)
10_Louis Benedetti - The Love I Want (Soulful Sessions Vox)
11_Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tallman - Joyfull Noise (Luis Raffa Main Vocal)
12_Cerrone Feat.Jocelyn Brown - Hooked On You (Jamie Lewis Remix)
13_Phil Asher & The Mighty Zaf Feat.Zansika - Shakin' It Up (Main Mix)
14_Bobby D'Ambrosio - So Thankful (Sunday Morning Remix)
15_Naked Soul Feat.Consuela Ivy - Talk To Me (Peter & Tyrone's 83 West Vox Mix)
16_Ziggy Funk Feat.Taliwa - Everyday (Yass Classic Mix)
17_Ray Paxton Feat.Sybille & Freda Gottlett - Music Is My Shelter (Main Mix)
18_Mr.A.L.I Feat.Nicole Mitchell - Thinkin Back (Original LP Mix)
19_Kenny Bobien - When (83 West Mix)
20_Soul Switch - Don't Say Love (Shelter Mix)
21_Jasper Street Company - Fly Away (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
22_Black Masses - My Heavenly Stars (Shelter Dancers Vocal)

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.49

Soulful In The Soul # 49 (09 - Noviembre - 2012)
Radio Show OSH

Mixed By Manuel Colin
Noviembre 2012

Download Here:
SITS No.49

Track List:
01_Ziggy Funk, She Adores - Your Lovin' (Original Vocal)
02_Huge In Japan - Bahia (Justin Imperiale Remix)
03_Lynae vs. Lilac Jeans, DJ Fale, Lel' Metola, Pule & Andile - Life Is But A Dream, Kudala Ndikuvela (FJ OSH Mash Up)
04_Submantra & DJ Umbi Feat.Jo Di Risio - So Good (Original Soulful Vocal Mix)
05_Johnny Fiasco - Cielo Y Tiera (Original)
06_Bobby D'Ambrosio Feat.Anthony Dixon - Just Call (Osio Club Remix)
07_DJ Roland Clark, Urban Soul, Kiva - Before You Reach For Love (Joey Negro Solar Mix)
08_Mustafa - Sao Salvador (UPZ Remix)
09_Distant People Feat.Stephanie Cooke - Keep Moving (Andrew Hartley Vocal Mix)
10_Michele McCain - I Betcha Don't Know (Jonny Montana Vocal Mix)
11_Michelle Weeks - Follow Your Dreams (Sounds of Life Main Mix)

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.48

Soulful In The Soul # 48 (19 - Octubre - 2012)
Radio Show OSH

Mixed By Manuel Colin
Octubre 2012

Download Here:
SITS No.48

Track List:
01_Kings Of Groove - Equinoccio (Original mix)
02_Salah Ananse Feat.Stephanie Cooke - So Lovely (Global Soul Music Vocal)
03_Marco Finotello, Maggie Smile - Lovely Day (House Device On the Beach)
04_Glenn Underground - In With The New (Original Mix)
05_Mustafa - Por Causa De Voce Menina (Leo Cuenca Remix)
06_KPD - Contrato de Almas (Original Mix)
07_Sueno Soul - U Don't Know What Love Is (Sueno Soul Original Mix)
08_Richard Earnshaw vs The Sunburst Band - Won't Let You Fly Away (Bonna Bootleg)
09_Moba Sound Feat.Lucy May- Night Logic (OtherSoul Classic Mix)
10_DJ AX Feat.Charles Dockins - My Fathers Arms (Maurice Joshua Remix)
11_Toni Sea & Ralf GUM - Beautiful (Raw Artistic Soul Remix)
12_Heavy K - The Gunsong (Original)