jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

Deep Sounds - Hearth [2009]

Deep Sounds Hearth [2009]
Genero: House
Subgenero: Vocal / Soulful / Deep / House
Time Set: 80min.
Mixed by Manuel Colin
Talla: 70Mb
Enero 2009

Concept Records México
Download Here:
Deep Sounds Hearth By Manuel Colin.zip

Track List:
01_Maw Feat. India - I Cant Get No Sleep
02_Danny Clark & Jay Benham - Wondrous
03_Shakedown - At Night
04_Dubgroove - Hit U Off
05_Grzesznikovy - December Sunshine
06_Stephanie Cooke - A New Day
07_Louie Vega & Jay Sealee Feat. Julie Mcknight - Diamond Life
08_Evolve Feat. Margo Reymundo - The Way Back
09_Lenny Fontana & Joi Cardwell - Make It Alrigh
10_Richard Earnshaw Presents. Sole Unity - So High
11_Panevino - Freeze The Frame
12_Bongoloverz Feat. An Tonic - The Ministers
13_The Jinks Feat. Mina Jackson - Spread My Wings
14_Vincent Kwok - Las LLaves
15_Todd Terry Allstars Feat. Tara Mcdonald - Get Down
16_DJ Meme Feat. Gavin Bradley - Chanson Du Soliel

Vocal Sweet House Vol.6

Vocal Sweet House Vol.6
Genero: House
Subgenero: Vocal / Soulful / House
Mixed by Manuel Colin
Compilation by (((...Concept Records...)))
Time Set: 80min
Size: 70Mb
Enero: 2009

Concept Records México
Download Here:
Vocal Sweet House Vol.6 By Manuel Colin.zip

Track List:
01_Musol Feat. Diana Waite - The Solution
02_Back To Fundamentals - Insatiable
03_Keepers Of Melody - Fuck The funk
04_Cloudsteppers - Make Me Shine
05_Degrees Of Motion feat. Billy Porter - Show Me
06_jazzloungerz & Headtrip Feat. Lu Chase - Loveblind
07_Crystal Waters - Never Enough
08_Beyonce - If I Were A Boy
09_Dubgroove - Its Back
10_Jr Disco - Found A Cure
11_The Bitch Hotel - End Of Time
12_Deepswing Feat. Brijai Harvey - Listen To My Power
13_Stereo Mutants Feat. Jannae Jordan - I Wanna Go

Deep Sounds - Colors

Deep Sounds Colors
Genero: House
Subgenero: Vocal / Deep / Soulful / House
Febrero 2009
Mixed by Manuel Colin
Size: 70Mb
Time Set: 80min

Concept Records México
Download Here:
Deep Sounds Colors by Manuel Colin.zip

01_This Is Rhythm Feat. Kathleen Willeson - This Is Rhythm (Timmy Vegas Mix)
02_Ears & Lady Bird - Can't Be Without You (Suges Remix)
03_Zlemtree - I.C.U (Samir Maslo Remix)
04_Steal Vybe feat. Alexis Simmons - Selene (Jonny Montana Remix)
05_Yass Feat LT Brown - I'm Free (Main Mix)
06_Fanatix Ft. Dionne Mitchell - Open Your Eyes (DJ Spen & the Mutha Funkaz Remix)
07_Groove Junkies Feat. Solara - Just Groovin (Main Room Madness Mix)
08_Midnight Express Feat. Sabrina Johnston - Music (Jazz Voice & House Pleasure Remix)
09_Teddy Douglas feat. Margaret Grace - God Created Woman (Vocal 12')
10_Roasted Soul Feat. Tony Lindsay - Reach Out (Original Mix)
11_Deep Josh Feat. Kaysee - Never Stop The Music (Dj Meme Vocal Mix)
12_Frankie Knuckles - Matter Of Time (Groove Junkies Remix)
13_Pressure Unit Feat.Bob Marley - Redemption Song (Mystery & Matt Early's Miami Beach Mix)

AfterAwer Vol.5

Afterawer Vol.5
Subgenero: Electro / Progressive / Trance
Time: 80min.
Mixed by: Manuel Colin
Concept Records México
Download Here:
AfterAwer Vol.5 By Manuel Colin.zip

Track List:
01_Arnej - The Beauty That Lies Behind Those Green Eyes
02_Barany & Antonyo - White Angel 03_Ben Delay - Alone
04_Ben Preston - Nervous Breakdown
05_Deadmau5 Feat. Kaskade - I Remember
06_Delerium - Silence
07_Inaya Day - You
08_Jerry Ropero - organ of love
09_Jorge Martin S. - Heat
10_Starchaser - A New Society
11_Kid Massive - Get Busy
12_Matteo Dimarr - Never Faraway
13_Sebastian Ingrosso - Chaa Chaa
14_Paolo Aliberti - Biosfera
15_Nightbirds - Sunchyme

Vocal Sweet House Vol.5

Vocal Sweet House Vol.5
Genero: House
Subgenero: Vocal House
Time: 80min.
Mixed by: Manuel Colin

Concept Records México
Download Here:
Vocal Sweet House Vol.5 By Manuel Colin.zip

Track List:
01_David Morales With Tamra Keenan - Here I Am.
02_Fish Go Deep & Tracey K. - The Cure & The Cause.
03_Mark Picchiotti feat. Dana Divine - So Sweet.
04_Groove Cocktail feat. Nathalia - One Love.
05_Ministry Of Funk - Funky Nation.
06_Eddie Armani feat. Shannagh D. - Feel This.
07_Luther Vandross - Shine.
08_Joiliet - Rise.
09_Frankie Knuckles - Gimme Gimme Gimme.
10_Lenny Fontana & Joi Cardwell - Make it Alrigh.
11_Steven Stone feat Angie Brown - No Other Man.
12_Laura Izibor - Form My Heart To Yours.
13_Yves Murasca - All About House Music.

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

AfterAwer Retro Vol.2

AfterAwer Retro Vol.2
Electro House / Remixes
Mixed by Manuel Colin
Diciembre 2008

House Music
Concept Records México

Download Here:
AfterAwer Retro Vol 2 By Manuel Colin.zip

Track List:
01_House de la Funk - Electronic Music
02_Usher - Yeah
03_Tom Novy - Pumpin
04_Savage Garden - To The Moon And Back
05_Corona - Rhythm Of The Night
06_Nelly Furtado - Give It To Me
07_Guns & Roses - Sweet Child O Mine
08_Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive
09_Donna Summer - I Feel Love
10_Ramirez - Hablando
11_The Cure - Lullaby
12_Michael Jackson - Rock With You
13_Roberts Milles - Children
14_Iio - Rapture
15_Black Box - I Dont Know Anybody Else

Only My Self - House In My Home [2009]

Only My Self - House In My Home [2009]
Mixed by Manuel Colin
60 min
File Zip
Concept Records México
Download Here:
Only My Self - House In My Home 2009.zip

Track List:
01_Dee Green Aka Fdk - Brain Wash (Original Mix)
02_Dj Ruggero - Shake Crazy Horse (Rober Gaez Crazy Mix)
03_Alex Kenji - Adelante (Original Mix)
04_Carlo Lio - No Booth Better (Livio & Roby Remix)
05_Julien Hox & Didark - Sonus Populi (Umek's Vision Mix)
06_Anton Pieete - The Great City
07_Slam - Ghost Song (Prompt Remix)
08_Ramon Tapia - Mi Esposa (Original Mix)
09_Anton Pieete - Love Machine
10_Livio & Roby Vs George G. - Diverse (Original Mix)
11_Kos - Rampant Rabbit

Alone With My Depression [2009]

Alone With My Depression [2009]
Abril 2009
Mixed by Manuel Colin
File Zip - Cover + Mp3

Concept Records México
Download Here:
Alone With My Depression 2009.zip

01_Guy Gerber - Timing (Original Mix)
02_Treitl Hammond - Give Me The Vibes
03_Stylus Robb & Mattias - Sensation Shot (S&M Remix)
04_David Penn, Jabato - En Mi Casa (Original Mix)
05_Juan Kidd & Felix Baumgartner Feat Lisa Millett - Now You're Gone (Club Mix)
06_Faithless Feat.Cass Fox - Music Matters (Mark Knight Dub)
07_Dandi & Ugo - Mezde (Microdizko Remix)
08_Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve - Yin (Original Club Mix)
09_Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve - Yang (Original Club Mix)
10_Jon Rundell - Mind Games (Rafael Noronha & ReDupre Remix)
11_Radio Slave Feat.Danton Eeprom - Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)
12_Mark Mendes - Beneath You (Original Mix)
13_Gennaro Mastrantonio - Breath
14_Dyor & Maurizio Gubellini - Loving You (Gianluca Motta Remix)

Vocal Sweet House Special Edition 90's

Vocal Sweet House 90's
Mixed by Manuel Colin
Agosto 2008
File Zip + Cover + Mp3 Mix

Concept Records México
Download Here:
Vocal Sweet House 90s.zip

01. Incognito-Always there (12"mix)(David Morales)
02. Simply Red-Somethinggot me started (Hurley's House Mix)
03. En Vogue- Strange (Hurleys House Mix)
04. Nia Peeples-Kissing the wind (Silky Soul Mix)
05. Ce Ce Peniston-We got a love thang (Silky Mouse Thang)
06. Was (not was)-Shake youy head (Let's go to bed) Steve silk hurley mix
07. Cluband-Hold on (tighter to love) (Hurley's House Mix)
08. Kim sims-Take my advice (Hurley's House Mix)
09. Kim sims-Too blind to see it ( Hurley's "no rap" house mix)
10. Cristal waters-Makin' happy (House mix)
11. The soul system-Lovely day acapella mix
12. Lidell touwnsell-get whit u (Morales der mix)

Level Session Wet & Wild [2009]

Level Session - Wet & Wild - 2009
Genero: House80min
Mixed by Manuel Colin
Concept Records México
Download Here:
Dj Manuel Colin Level Session Wet & Wild 2009.mp3
More Set´s & Info:

01_Madonna - Miles Away [Ronen Mizrahi 2009 Club Mix]
02_Timmy & Tommy - Full Tiltin'[Joint Operations Centre Remix]
03_Masters At Work Feat.Puppah Nas,T&Denise - Work'09 [Teo Brasil Private Remix]
04_D.O.N.S. feat. Terri B. - You Used To Hold Me [Ranny's Big Room Mix]
05_Frank Valency - Obatala [Edson Pride Infernal Mix]
06_Ronen Mizrahi Feat.Sivan - Do U Like [Isaac Escalante Boys Mix]
07_Miguel Alanis Feat.Analiz - Keep Bringing Love [Oscar Velazquez Original Mix]
08_Sergio Garcia Feat.Blanca - C'est Un Plaisir [Original Mix]
09_The Absolute Feat.Suzanne Palmer - I Believe 2009 [Ralphi Rosario Vocal Club Mix]
10_The Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up [Ralphi Rosario Full Club]
11_Kathy Brown Vs White Knights - Sound Of The City [Pagano In Heaven Dub Mix]
12_Yvan Finzi - White Chocolate [Edson Pride Chumbo Mix]
13_Yaron Knochen Feat.Anna - I'm Here [Edson Pride Circuit Mix]
14_Ceevox - Your Love Got 2 Have It 2009 [Edson Pride Overtribe Mix]
15_Oscar Pedrero - Onyxia [Original Mix]

LeVeL SeSsIoN [Abril 2009]

Level Session Mix Abril 2009
Mixed by Manuel Colin
Zip File - Portada + Mp3
Concept Records México
Link de Descarga
Level Mix Abril 2009.zip

Track List:
01_Ciara Feat.Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic 2009 [Dj Chaos Electro Remix]
02_Roger Sanchez Feat.Terri B. - Bang That Box [Avicii Vs.Philgood Bang That Vocal Mix]
03_Outwork, Nicola Fasano - Elektro Feat.Mr.Gee [Beleea]
04_Vandalism - Bucci Bag [Ian Carey Remix]
05_Cerrone - Affection [Club Mix]
06_Menini & Viani ft. Christian Key - La La Land [M&V Re-Touch]
07_Tikaro,J.Louis & Ferran Feat.Clarence - Shine On Me [Robbie Rivera Reworked 2009 Mix]
08_David Penn,Rober Gaez - Our Darkness [Original Mix]
09_Juan Kidd & Felix Baumgartner Feat.Lisa Millett - Now You're Gone [Club Mix]
10_Lissat & Khetama - Imagination [Taito Tikaro & J.Louis]
11_The Absolute Feat.Suzanne Palmer - I Believe 2009 [Ralphi Rosario Vocal Club Mix]
12_Rihanna - Breakin'Dishes [Ralphi Rosario & Craig J.Club Mix]

AfterAwer Vol.7

AfterAwer vol.7
Julio 2009
80 Min
Electro / Progressive / House
Mixed by Manuel Colin
Concept Records México
Download Here:
AfterAwer Vol.7

Track List:
01_Axwell Ingrosso & Angello Laidback Luke - Leave The World Behind [Original Mix]
02_Dr. Kucho! - Eastern Promises [Original Mix]
03_Nick Terranova Feat. Tamra Keenan - Calling
04_Deadmau5 & Glenn Morrison - Contact
05_Floorphilla Feat. Majuri - Star [Club Mix]
06_Michael Angelo Feat.Jenry.R - Disconnected [Myon & Shane 54 Vocal Mix]
07_Deadmau5 - Arguru Cant Get Enough
08_Carl Kennedy & Baby.D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy [Original Mix]
09_MA.DA. - Rhythm Is A Dancer [Outwork Remix]
10_Erick Morillo Feat.Deborah Cooper - I Get Lifted [Dronez Dub]
& More...!!!!