lunes, 29 de marzo de 2021

Sounds Familiar Part One


Sounds Familiar Part One
Mixed By nathanian
Marzo 2021

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.156


Soulful In The Soul # 156 (MARZO 2021)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Marzo 2021

Download Here:
SITS No.156

Track List:
01_Café Tacuba - María (Martin Delgado Remix) [WEA Latina]  [1992]
02_Elements Of Life, Lisa Fischer, David Harness - Draggin- My Heels (Dub Harness) [Vega Records] [2021]
03_Ezel - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Ezel Remix) [BAYACOU RECORDS] [2021]
04_Spencer Morales, Randy Roberts - Without Your Love (Sean McCabe Classic Remix) [Quantize Recordings] [2017]
05_K2 - Thank Yoo (Unreleased) [KARIZMA] [2021]
06_E.G. Fullalove - Didn't I Know (Blissful Diva Mix) [Dance Street ] [1994]
07_Fizzikx - Fruitful Spirit (Original Mix) [Street King] [2020]
08_Basil Hardhaus 2 Feat.Burrell - Black Man (Nicholas Black & Proud Mix) [NEEDWANT] [2011]
09_Qubiko, Fabio Ricciuti - Feel Good (Dirty Secretz Remix) [Street King] [2020]
10_Twism, Wavy dot., Chace McNinch, J. Pierce - I Got the Love (Original Mix) [Soulful Legends] [2020]
11_Chillibite, Lesmahlanyane, Lungelo Ngobese - Hamba (zOGRi Dub Remix) [Deep Spirit Recordings] [2021]

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.155


Soulful In The Soul # 155 (FEBRERO 2021)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Febrero 2021

Download Here:
SITS No.155

Track List:
01_Vick Lavender Feat.Celeste Alexander Nasty B (Vick's Sophisticado Guitar Dub Mix) [Sophisticado Recordings] [2021]
02_Trüby Trio, Concha Buika - Jaleo (Cuica Remix) [Compost Records] [2003]
03_Conway - Delphina (CK in the Remix) [Conway Musiq] [2021]
04_Luyo & Sam - Free (Afro Latin Extended Mix) [Double Cheese Records] [2021]
05_Sussie 4 - Conciencia Latina [Nopal Beat] [2002]
06_The Bayara Citizens - Bambara (Before Vocal Session) [Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts] [2020]
07_Vick Lavender Feat.Spike Rebel - All Around The World Is Love (Vick's Chicago Soul Vocal Mix) [Sophisticado Recordings] [2021]
08_Dawn Tallman - For Me (Honeycomb Piano Groove Dub) [Honeycomb Music] [2021]
09_Sussie 4 - Fly [Nopal Beat] [2002]
10_Ron Trent - The Clan Speaks [Future Vision Records] [2011]
11_Elements Of Life, Jasper Street Co. - Stand On The Word (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Holy Horn Dub) [Vega Records] [2020]
12_Incognito - Feel The Real (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Mix) [Groove Culture] [2021]
13_Dutchican Soul - All I Ask (Original Mix) [Groove Culture] [2021]
14_Simon Adams & Max Millan - Amanecer (Unreleased Dub Version) [Nite Grooves] [2021]
15_2Ce Ee - Customer (Instrumental) [2Ce Ee Productions] [2021]
16_Dennis Ferrer Feat.K.T. Brooks - How Do I Let Go (Inaky Garcia Remix) [King Street Sounds] [2021]
17_Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura - Funky Up (Soulful Dub) [IRMA DANCEFLOOR] [2021]
18_Aleysha Lei, Yooks - Hold You Back (Original Mix) [Newtown Recordings] [2021]
19_Tracy Hamlin, Diephuis & Eastar - Be Yourself (Original Vocal Mix) [King Street Sounds] [2021]
20_Adam Rios And Mark Lewis - Borderline [amflowmusic] [2021]