jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.105

Soulful In The Soul # 105 (27 - Noviembre - 2016)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Noviembre 2016

Download Here:
SITS No.105

Track List:
01_Kenya - My Own Skin (Tom Glide Rework) [2015] [Expansion Records]
02_Michelle Weeks, IsaVis - Resurgence (Fotis 'Mentor' Monos Remix) [2016] [ISAVIS Records]
03_The Lounge Lizards Feat.Mike City - Love Trumps Hate (Instrumental Mix) [2016] [Honeycomb Music]
04_Moon Rocket, Esteban Fernandez, Jasmine Clemente And Andy Shigekawa - Rhythms By The Sea (Original Mix) [2016] [Moon Rocket Music]
05_LaTanya & Al Hudson - Yes you're my baby (Souldynamic Remix) [PROMO]
06_Gabrielle - Emotions (zOGRi Remix) [2016]
07_Lasso Doumbouya - Den Den Den (Souldynamic Remix) [PROMO]
08_Louie Vega Feat.Anane Vega - Heaven Knows (Josh Milan Honeycomb Vocal Mix) [2016] [Vega Records]
09_Needless - Unnamed Feelings (Groove Assassin Classic Mix) [2016] [Grooveland Music]
10_Rescue Poetix - Whispers In The Wind (Franzz Jazz Vega's Sunlight Mash Up) [2014] [OSH RECORDS]
11_Josh Milan - I Will Wait [2016] [Honeycomb Music]
12_AMFlow - Diya Gneba (Vocal AMFLOW) [2016] [AMFlow MUSIC]
13_Realm Of House - De Corazo´n [2016] [Arawakan]

lunes, 31 de octubre de 2016

Soulful Moments III

Soulful Moments 03
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Octubre 2016

Download Here:

Track List:
01_Distant People, Patrick Chappell - Just Sing (Original)
02_Bah Samba, Anna Cavazos - Lost Without You (Sean McCabe Classic Mix)
03_Hot Wind Feat.Anthony Poteat - Love (Original Mix)
04_Sergio D'Angelo, Aldo Bergamasco, Pierre Piccarde - Freedom (OtherSoul Remix)
05_Michelle Weeks - IsaVis - Resurgence (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Remix)
06_Hot Wind, Anthony Poteat - Love (Original Mix)
07_Fuminori Kagajo, Tracy Hamlin - Can't Stop This Feeling (Earl TuTu & John Khan Remix)
08_True2life, Phillip Ramirez - That's How Much I Love You (Original Mix)
09_Sheila Ford - The Best of My Love (John Morales M+M Extended Mix)
10_Josh Milan - I Will Wait (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
11_Q Narongwate - Grasslands
12_Ann Nesby, DJ Spen - I Feel (John Morales M+M Remix)
13_Kenya - Let Me (Sean McCabe Classic Soul Mix)
14_Los Amigos Invisibles - Yo No Se (Extended Version)

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.104

Soulful In The Soul # 104 (22 - Octubre - 2016)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Octubre 2016

Download Here:
SITS No.104

Track List:
01_Fuminori Kagajo, Sheree Hicks - No Place Like Home (Wipe The Needle Mix) [2016] [Makin Moves]
02_Anto Vitale - Theorema del Faya (The Unreleased Libation Guitar Solo Remix) [2006] [Tea Party Music]
03_DeJay Cease - Jingo (Hands of Fire Tribute) [2016] [Love4SouL]
04_Jose Carretas Feat.Angel-A - I Dance (Vocal) [2016] [Son Liva]
05_Dirty Harry - Jazz Nebula (Original Mix) [2013] [Vibe Boutique Records]
06_Electric Empire - Always (Joey Negro Classic Mix) [2012] [Z Records]
07_Dj Dimi Feat.Tanya Michelle - To Give (The Funklovers & Domenico Albanese Soulful Mix) [2014] [Bigfoot Music]
08_Mark Di Meo Feat.Rona Ray - All About Love (Reelsoul Remix) [2016] [Soulstice Music]
09_Phil Asher, Kai Alce Feat.Kayenne - Someone (Vocal) [2010] [Restless Soul]
10_Maritri - Angel In Disguise (The Unreleased Louie Vega Remix) [2016] [Global Soul Music]
11_SK95 & Rampage - Hungry For Musik (Shelter VOX) [2016] [Shelter Records]
12_Los Amigos Invisibles & India - Bella De Noche (FJ 'Oriyeye' Mash Up) [2011] [OSH Records]

viernes, 7 de octubre de 2016

Soulful Moments II

Soulful Moments 02
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Octubre 2016

Download Here:

Track List:
01_Twism, B3RAO, Groove N Soul, Anita Davis - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Original Mix)
02_Ziggy Funk feat. Taliwa - Everyday (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix)
03_David Anthony (UK), Beverlei Brown - It Should Have Been You
04_Sol Brown Sacha Williamson - Sumthin Good (Groove Assassin Remix)
05_Blind Colors - Melonie Daniels - Found Love (R&D Searchin Vocal Dub)
06_Shaboom - Totally (David Morales Alternative Vocal Mix)
07_Andrea Carissimi feat. Wendy Lewis - Power In You (Andrea Carissimi Soulful Mix)
08_Angie Brown And Clemens Rumpf - Burning Up (Roed Svensk Pool - Vibe Dub)
09_Los Charly's Orchetra, Amalia Economos - Everlasting Love Reloaded
10_Andricka Hall - Stay Inside My Life (Louis Benedetti Original Re-Edit)
11_Jonny Montana - Craig Stewart - Stephanie Cooke - Last Dance (Original Mix)
12_Kevin McKay - What U Want (J Paul Getto Classic Mix)

Soulful Moments I

Soulful Moments 01
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Septiembre 2016

Download Here:

Track List:
01_The Funklovers - Agua de Beber Feat.Sugar Flower (Original Odissey Mix)
02_Zo! - Muhsinah - Packing For Chicago (Reel People Vocal Mix)
03_Ananda Project, Sepsenahki - Love Like This (Sean McCabe Classic Mix)
04_Chymamusique - Funk & Soul
05_Bah Samba Vs Favouritizm - Don't Let Them Get You Down (Push! Mix)
06_Lexa Hill - Da Hood
07_Ralf Gum Feat.Monique Bingham - Kissing Strangers (Original Mix)
08_Random Soul & Vincent Kwok - Into Your Mind (Vincent Kwok Mix)
09_Angela Johnson - Get Myself Together (Souldynamic Remix)
10_Peppe Citarella Feat.Chynaah Doll & Paris Hairston - Free (Soulfull Version)
11_Vick Lavender - Solitude
12_Stephanie Cooke & Groove Assassin  - This Time (Vocal Mix)
13_Peppe Citarella - The Flute (90's Mix)
14_Dj Jacko - Chelsea Como - Closer (Mark Lewis Vox Remix)

House Series II

House Series II
House Music
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Septiembre 2016

Download Here:

Track List:
01_Cristoph - Sure Thing (Original Mix)
02_UDAUFL feat. Byron Stingily - Spread Love (The Deepshakerz Remix)
03_Low Steppa - Squares (Martin Ikin VIP)
04_Sara Parker - My Love Is Deep (Blak 'N' Spanish)
05_Thijs Haal - Don't You Ever Stop Me
06_Todd Terry, Limelife - Baby Can You Reach (Roog & Dennis Quin Tribute To The Maestro mix)
07_RedSoul - Carla Prather - The One (Brickwall & DLoose Remix)
08_ Simion - Be With Me (Original Mix)
09_Fizzikx - Give Me That Special Treat (Original Mix)
10_Loud&Clasiizz - Can You Feel It (Original Mix)
11_Groovetonic - Jack Had A Groove (Original Mix)
12_Soul Divide - Got To Be (Alvaro Smart Remix)

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.103

Soulful In The Soul # 103 (24 - Septiembre - 2016)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Septiembre 2016

Download Here:
SITS No.103

Track List:
01_Alma Negra - Fula Flute (Esa & Santuri Live Mix) [2016] [Basic Fingers]
02_Zo! - Tamisha Waden - Steal My Joy (Reel People Vocal Mix) [2016] [Reel People Music]
03_Louie Vega Feat.Monique Bingham - Elevator (Going Up) (Louie Vega Dub) [2015] [Vega Records]
04_Steve Silk Hurley Feat.Greg Gibbs - The Glow Of Love (Eddie Valdez Main Remix) [2014] [S&S Records Inc]
05_Ivelisse Diaz - Rosalina (Ondagroove Mix) [2016] [Kingdom]
06_Sahib Muhammad - My Dirty Soul (Larry Espinosa Remix) [2016] [unquantize]
07_Jesante - Ultra Tone - Home (Original Mix) [2016] [Vibe Boutique Records]
08_Uber Harmonics, One Deep & Miss H - Feel the Rhythm (Miggedy's Heartbeat Vokal Retouch) [2015] [MMP Records]
09_Farina Miss - Stranger (Rob Hardt's Beach Vibe Extended) [2016] [Sedsoul]
10_Richard Burton - Bad Luck (Teddy Douglas Original Mash Up Vocal) [2016] [Groove Odyssey]
11_Namy Feat.Barbara Tucker - I Can’t Wait (Michele Chiavarini Remix) [2016] [King Street]
12_Roy Ayers -What's The T (Kings Of Soul Main Mix) [2006] [Rapster Records]

domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

House Series I

House Series I
House Music
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Agosto 2016

Download Here:

Track List:
01_Sterling Void - It's All Right (Eric Kupper Remix)
02_Martin Waslewski - Clouds (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
03_Urban Sound Lab Feat.Amalia - This! (Zepherin Saint Remix)
04_Vittorio Santorelli - Denise - Out Of Time (Original Mix)
05_Sharon Brown Adams - We Got The Funk (Spen's Low End Theory Dub)
06_Chris Rawles - Looping (Original)
07_Afro Medusa - Pasilda (Erick Morillo Extended Remix)
08_DJ Sneak - Whats Going on Now
09_Patrick Topping - Brayed
10_Jason Bye - Your One Of Us
11_Low Steppa, Kelli Leigh - Runnin' (Wez Saunders Extended Remix)
12_Peter Brown & Cache 22 - I Can't Quite Understand (Original Mix)
13_Leftwing Kody - Fixation (Dark Mix)
14_Ciszak - Madness (Original Mix)
15_Dasoul, Joe Flame - Song In My Heart (RedSoul Remix)

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.102

Soulful In The Soul # 102 (27 - Agosot - 2016)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Agosto 2016

Download Here:
SITS No.102

Track List:
01_Louis Benedetti & Sy Smith - I Want You For Myself BW Revelation (Louis Benedetti Classic Vocal Mix) [2016] [Soulshine]
02_Inaky Garcia & Luisen Feat.Patricia Ed - Crazy (Nikos Diamantopoulos Remix) [2016] [Purple Music]
03_SK95 & Rampage - Hungry For Musik (Shelter Vox) [2016] [Shelter Records]
04_RedSoul - Born Again (Original Gospel Stomp!) [2016] [Playmore]
05_Ambrosia - Happy (Vox) [2016] [Shelter Records]
06_Kim English - Missing You (Ricanstruction Mix) [1998] [Nervous Records]
07_Dr Packer - I Want Your Luv (Dr Packer's 122bpm Reconstruction) [2016] [Self]
08_Namy Feat.Joi Cardwell - Bright Eyes (DJ Fudge Remix) [2016] [King Street]
09_Shuya OKINO - Destiny (Dj Kawasaki Remix) [2012] [Village Again]
10_Dj Wady & Afroloko - Copacabana (Original Mix) [2016] [Dutchie Music]
11_Nuyorican Soul – Runaway (Mousse T's Jazz Funk Experience) [1997] [Talkin' Loud]

sábado, 25 de junio de 2016

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.101

Soulful In The Soul # 101 (25 - Junio - 2016)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Junio 2016

Download Here:
SITS No.101

Track List:
01_Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You (DJ Gregory remix)
02_Doug Gomez - Un Verano en Nueva York
03_Carlos Vargas - Deep Expressions (Original Mix)
04_DJ CEEZ - NIKKI GEE - Just Add Ice (Original Mix)
05_Maxwell - Til The Cops Come Knockin’ (Hakeem Syrbram Keemix)
06_Peppe Citarella - Thieuf Ndiaye - Yangui Ci Birr (DJ Spen Re Edit)
07_Peppe Citarella feat. Chynaah Doll & Paris Hairston - Free (Original Latin Soul Version)
08_L'amour Disco, Andrea Love - No Regrets (BKT Latin Excursion)
09_Montana & Stewart & Nortier & Stephanie Cooke - The World To Me (You Are) (Alex Ander Soulful Bliss Mix)
10_Kenya - Let Me (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Remix)
11_Seascape, Renn Washington - Rain (Romain Remix)
12_Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco, Michael Procter - Get On Out There (Michele chiavarini Remix)

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

(OSH Radio Show) Soulful In The Soul No.100

Soulful In The Soul # 100 (11 - Junio - 2016)
Radio Show OSH
Mixed By Manuel Colin
Junio 2016

Download Here:
SITS No.100

Track List:
01_Driza Bone Feat.Dee Heron - Real Love
02_Stephanie Mills - Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin' (David Morales & Frankie Knuckles Remix)
03_Eve Gallagher - Love Is A Master Of Disguise (Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Mix)
04_Shawn Christopher - Don't Lose The Magic (David Morales Club Mix)
05_Portia Monique - Ecstasy (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)
06_Distant People, S.u.z.y - True Love (Original Mix)
07_Ethan White & Marie Tweek - Don't Tell Me (That You're Sorry) (Jask's Soul Seduction Mix)
08_Mondo Grosso – Star Suite (Shelter Vocal Mix)
09_Justin Imperiale & Kimara Lovelace - Only You (FJ 'Banane Mavoko' OSH Mash Up)
10_Kholi - Inner Freak (Zepherin Saint Tribe Vocal Mix)
11_DJ Beloved - All We Do (Biz Groove Mix)
12_Joeski , Jessica Colasante - In my Life (Joeski Remix)
13_Kings Of Groove Feat.Andrea Love - Soul Tie (Groove Assassin Remix)
14_Glenn Underground - You Are Love (Jose Carretas Son Liva Mix)
15_Arnold Jarvis - Music Is My Friend (The Dfa Vocal Mix)
16_Andrea Erre, Criss Hawk - Lonely Nights (Pittigrilli's MLT Dub Sax Mix)
17_The Jinks Feat.Lady Alma  - Wake Up Running (Jose Carretas Remix)
18_Muzikfabrik Feat.Miki Ozuka- Feel The Heat (Salsa) (Extended Mix)
19_Anane - Nos Vida (MAW Mix)
20_Giandomenico Di Vito, Carla Prather, The Soul Creative - God With Me (Zogri Remix)
21_Todd Terry Allstars - Joy (Hudson Street Mix)
22_Los Amigos Invisibles & India - Bella De Noche (FJ 'Oriyeye' Mash Up)
23_Miguel Ming - So Far (Rasmus Faber's Farplane Dub)
      Miguel Ming - So Far (Rasmus Faber's Farplane Vocal)